We Care For PitBulls.

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Become a part of our community and volunteer for our campaigns in whatever way possible. Help us raise awareness for the care and support facilities for pit bulls around the country.

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It’s true that PitBulls grab and hold on, but they grab and hold on to your heart, NOT your arm

Did you know that pit bulls were not bred as guard dogs because they were too friendly and they do not have locking-jaws?

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Learn about our upcoming events to take part in them as a volunteer. Enjoy your time helping these beautiful creatures as we tour around the country to raise awareness.

Volunteering Experience

I have learned so many new things about my dogs after becoming a part of this community. It feels good to know my dogs better now.

Rescue Experience

The rescue experience that I have been a part of seemed hopeless, but when we managed to overcome our issues, we really felt the true happiness of helping someone.

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Our mission statement is to create as much awareness about having pit bulls at home, offer the right advice to pit bull owners, and listen to no one who says pit bulls are not meant to be friends with.


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What We Achieved?

We like to feel proud of our achievements because it is turning the lives of pit bulls from a traumatizing one to a beautiful one.

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Adopt a PitBull

Or just show up at our community meetings and tell us how you can volunteer for our projects.

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The Right Choices with On-page SEO

The Right Choices with On-page SEO

On-page SEO, also called on-site SEO, is all positioning activities focusing on the content and technical parameters of a given page digital marketing agency. Positioning on page is the optimization of those factors influencing the position in Google that the evaluation algorithm finds in the code of your website. These are the factors that you have the greatest influence on. 

The main areas of on-page SEO optimization concern such elements as: website availability enabling web crawlers (crawlers) to freely access the website resources in order to fully scan them and include them in the search engine index information architecture proper layout of subpages and internal linking content presenting valuable content that meets the user’s needs with the use of keywords HTML code optimization of the code elements important in the website evaluation, responsible for the speed and correctness of the website operation and appearance On-page SEO elements have the fastest impact on improving the visibility of the website in search results (SERP), which is why strategy planning and first optimization works begin with them. The importance of seo is immense and that is why you need to have the best options here.

On-Page SEO Guide To Rank On The First Page - 2021 Edition

Off-page SEO, i.e. off-page positioning

Off-page SEO, or off-site SEO, is work in the field of positioning that goes beyond on-page SEO activities and takes place outside the website online marketing company. These activities are a necessary complement to on-site activities and only in conjunction with them can increase the visibility of the website. The main areas of off-page SEO optimization concern such elements as: incoming links to the site acquiring valuable links leading directly to the positioned page from the English link building social signals building a community around the website and increasing your reach in social media trust in the website understood as broadly understood activities influencing the reputation and perception of the website as good Off-page SEO should therefore be understood as all activities aimed at obtaining valuable links, mentions and shares in social media, opinions on the Internet, which confirm the credibility and authority of the website.

What influences effective SEO?

To understand what Search Engine Optimization, i.e. website positioning or optimization, is, first find out how the search engine works and what affects the effectiveness of positioning.

The Best SEO Tools | PCMag

How does the Google search engine work?

Understanding how Google page search works is at the heart of SEO. Although it is possible to position yourself effectively for other search engines, such as Bing or Yahoo!, Google is the most common choice of Internet users in Poland and most places in the world. Basically speaking, searching for a page on Google involves three steps: downloading (or scanning), indexing and delivering, or otherwise displaying the search results. 


During the download phase, Googlebot uses algorithms to detect new pages and add them to its index. The next step is to analyze individual pages in terms of the words they contain, from which the robot creates the index. Finally, at the request of the user who enters the query, Googlebot searches the index and displays the best responding pages, skipping spam and using multiple site quality metrics. Information on how the Google search engine worksallows you to better understand the mechanisms responsible for arranging the ranking and achieving high positions in the results. In addition, it is worth finding out at the beginning what else influences SEO effectiveness.

The Position of the Car Seat: Facing or Rear Facing?

The Position of the Car Seat: Facing or Rear Facing?

A baby’s head is heavy and the muscles in the neck are not strong enough to hold it in a crash. The back position to the road (or rear facing) is the mode of transport that should be preferred as long as possible. Indeed playpen for toddlers, the various crash tests carried out by independent organizations show that the pressure exerted on the cervical area of ​​the child during a collision is five times less when the car seat is installed rearward facing. Having your children travel in this position is therefore five times safer. You can opt for the baby car seat in easiest way now.

For an R129 approved car seat (i-Size), the legislation obliges the child to stay rearward facing up to the age of at least 15 months and up to 9 kg in the case of an ECE R44 / 04 approved seat. However, it is strongly recommended to maintain the rearward facing position for as long as possible. Today, many baby car seats can keep your child in a rearward facing position until the age of 4 (approx. 105 cm).

Rear Facing Car Seat for Your Child: Guidelines & Safety Tips

Car Seat Fastening Systems

This is a fundamental question, because a car seat only really protects the child if it is properly secured to the car.

Imposed by the entry into force of European regulation R129 (i-Size), the ISOFIX attachment system has been compulsory for all cars leaving the factory in France since 2011. Unlike the seat belt, the ISOFIX attachment system considerably reduces the risk of incorrect installation. This semi-universal fixing system, takes the form of two metal rings, located between the backrest and the seat of the rear bench. The car seat is equipped with two metal clips, which are directly clipped to the two anchor points of the bench. Installing a baby car seat is much easier and faster than with a seat belt.

When to Turn Around Baby's Car Seat | Parents

Seat belt

This is the traditional solution for installing a baby car seat on the vehicle bench. This universal fixing system has the huge advantage of being compatible with all cars equipped with seat belts. It also makes it possible to install the cozy baby on the front passenger seat which, for its part, does not have an ISOFIX attachment. On the other hand, the main flaw of the seat belt is that it presents an increased risk of improper installation which can lead to serious injuries in the event of an accident. Car seats using this mounting system are generally less expensive than their equivalents equipped with an ISOFIX mounting system which often require an additional mounting base.

  • The strut is a height-adjustable support leg that rests on the floor of the car to stabilize the seat. It allows, for example, transferring part of the shock to the ground in the event of an accident. Please note, the struts are not compatible with cars which have storage boxes on the ground in the rear seats.


The top tether is an alternative to the strut. This is a retaining strap that attaches to a hook located in the trunk of the vehicle. Depending on the car, the hook can be located on the rear shelf, on the back of the bench or on the boot floor. Unlike the strut, which holds the seat from below, the top tether holds it from above. This system is found both on rear-facing and forward-facing seats.

Best advantages of dedicated home theater in home

Best advantages of dedicated home theater in home

This time, staying at the house and enjoy your family is attractive more and more attractive and having a home audio system is just the method to do that touch monitor. We like designing and set up home theaters, so here are profit to having your have devoted home theater. Just put, the sound makes us feel better. How good? That believes in the quality of the audio produced by our sound systems. This item shows you some easy ways to recover the sound of your sound system and encourage your passion for sound.

Bad audio fatigues our ears and vegetation us not exciting. So we listen in less, and like of audio wanes. To get the best sound, you don’t have to use a lot or make space for huge speakers. 

South Florida and Los Angeles Automation Image Gallery

Evaluate the gear you already own

If your organization audio bad or has an irregular problem, make sure the wires and cables. Make sure the audio is energetic “in phase.” Eliminate the speaker grilles to make out if there’s a clear problem like head rots. If the whole thing is working correctly, but your scheme still doesn’t audio great, it’s time to improve your gear, foundation with the weakest link. 

  • Tweak your computer settings

If you utilize the defaulting setting in iTunes, CDs are introduced or “ripped” at 256 kilobytes per moment. Look how many melodic details get thrown out throughout the exchange process. Try to smack the bit rate up to 320 kbps. Or attempt the Apple Lossless arrangement, which takes about half of the compact disk space as the uncompressed WAV or AIFF set-up.

Best home theater system: creating the perfect home cinema | TechRadar

  • Biamp your speakers

If your front home speakers each have two of a kind of input deadly, and your receiver’s “enclose back” channels are leaving unused, you may be capable to redirect the enclose power to bi-amp your front left and right audio speaker. This provides you four amp channels to force your front speakers, fundamentally doubling the accessible power for more active, first-rate sound. For more information, check out Dave’s position on beaming your home speakers. 

  • Design a system that works well in an open floor plan

A stereo organization may not be the greatest option for an open floor arrangement that includes your cook-room, dining place, and living space. You and your company will be affecting around a lot. A ceiling audio speaker or wireless amplifier in a strategic place provides a more enjoyable audio experience during space.

  • Choosing the right way for your home theater system

When you visualize a home theater-like auditory experience, you almost certainly consider first of a forecasting scheme and a very big screen. That’s the present of choice in the typical home theater. The two-amount projector/display mixture is usually most suited for a dedicated play space in which you can completely manage the lights, although many manufacturers now offer high-clarity overhead projector and ambient-light-prohibit screens that are planned for use in the brighter situation. The valid magic following home theater group is audio, and sound is what you require to get true to make a real home theater scheme at your house.