The Right Choices with On-page SEO

The Right Choices with On-page SEO

On-page SEO, also called on-site SEO, is all positioning activities focusing on the content and technical parameters of a given page digital marketing agency. Positioning on page is the optimization of those factors influencing the position in Google that the evaluation algorithm finds in the code of your website. These are the factors that you have the greatest influence on. 

The main areas of on-page SEO optimization concern such elements as: website availability enabling web crawlers (crawlers) to freely access the website resources in order to fully scan them and include them in the search engine index information architecture proper layout of subpages and internal linking content presenting valuable content that meets the user’s needs with the use of keywords HTML code optimization of the code elements important in the website evaluation, responsible for the speed and correctness of the website operation and appearance On-page SEO elements have the fastest impact on improving the visibility of the website in search results (SERP), which is why strategy planning and first optimization works begin with them. The importance of seo is immense and that is why you need to have the best options here.

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Off-page SEO, i.e. off-page positioning

Off-page SEO, or off-site SEO, is work in the field of positioning that goes beyond on-page SEO activities and takes place outside the website online marketing company. These activities are a necessary complement to on-site activities and only in conjunction with them can increase the visibility of the website. The main areas of off-page SEO optimization concern such elements as: incoming links to the site acquiring valuable links leading directly to the positioned page from the English link building social signals building a community around the website and increasing your reach in social media trust in the website understood as broadly understood activities influencing the reputation and perception of the website as good Off-page SEO should therefore be understood as all activities aimed at obtaining valuable links, mentions and shares in social media, opinions on the Internet, which confirm the credibility and authority of the website.

What influences effective SEO?

To understand what Search Engine Optimization, i.e. website positioning or optimization, is, first find out how the search engine works and what affects the effectiveness of positioning.

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How does the Google search engine work?

Understanding how Google page search works is at the heart of SEO. Although it is possible to position yourself effectively for other search engines, such as Bing or Yahoo!, Google is the most common choice of Internet users in Poland and most places in the world. Basically speaking, searching for a page on Google involves three steps: downloading (or scanning), indexing and delivering, or otherwise displaying the search results. 


During the download phase, Googlebot uses algorithms to detect new pages and add them to its index. The next step is to analyze individual pages in terms of the words they contain, from which the robot creates the index. Finally, at the request of the user who enters the query, Googlebot searches the index and displays the best responding pages, skipping spam and using multiple site quality metrics. Information on how the Google search engine worksallows you to better understand the mechanisms responsible for arranging the ranking and achieving high positions in the results. In addition, it is worth finding out at the beginning what else influences SEO effectiveness.